Welcome to my team shop
FlyFit Brand all started when the Seattle Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl for the second year in a row in 2014. Of course I was going to be in Arizona to cheer on our champs.  I was scrambling around trying to figure out what in the world was I going to wear on game day. I'm the type of lady who enjoys keeping up on all the trends with a little added radiance. I bought a XXL men's Russell Wilson jersey, cut-snip-snip and a little hand sewing "THE FLY DRESS" was born.  I created an authentic off the shoulder jersey dress that made me feel fabulous and fierce all in one.  After a lot of compliments I felt destined to make other woman feel first-class and comfortable in stylish sports clothing as well.  So now FLYFIT BRAND is here after a long time coming.  Why FLYFIT??? Well I'm a flight attendant for the last 13 years so that's where "FLY" came from and fitness/sports are my passions "FIT"  So FLYFIT describes me perfectly.  The other meaning is FLY (Hot, cute, cool) and FIT (outfit, clothing) it is very versatile just like my brand.  FlyFit Brand is very unique, high quality, sports themed line that is perfect for all ages, sizes and personalities.  Other teams coming soon, Go TEAM and stay FLY!!!! 


                      Original FLY dress